The first part of Choccywoccydoodah is set around Christmas where the orders are stampeding into the kitchen where Dave is creating a cake for the cast of Cinderella. Second in line is a cake for a Christening. The second cake wasn't what Boss Christine had pictured in her mind and decided that herself and Tom would make it amazing. Christine was defiantly not impressed by Dave's creation and worked to make the cake exactly what the customer asked for, luckily Dave's Cinderella cake creation was SPECTACULAR as he received an approved comment by Boss Christine.
The Christmas tradition hasn't failed, each year the Choccywoccydoodah team create 2 dogs for the local RSPCA where Dave enjoys sculpting his dogs. The delivery of the chocolate dog's ends out successful, the 2 Boss Christine's happy to make the cakes for the RSPCA because they feel the RSPCA does such a good job. The Christine's got their first rescued dog, FRED, saying he is superb and because they arrived at the RSPCA with 2 chocolate dogs they agree Fred would like a friend and bring back 2 real dogs.